Safety is the foundation

Our long-term commitment to safety is the foundation for quality craftsmanship and productivity. Shared by employees across the company and backed by senior management, everyone at Harder is trained and empowered to support injury and incident-free work.
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Safety is a core value

It is the responsibility of every employee to maintain safety on the job. Our customers trust us to manage safe projects, and our success has established Harder Mechanical as the industry standard for a safe and healthy work environment. We train our project leaders to identify existing and potential job hazards, and to raise awareness among employees so they will work safely in every situation.




hours worked without a lost time incident since 2010

How we stay safe

As technology and industries change, work practices must evolve to align with current safety and health standards. To maintain our excellent record and reputation, Harder Mechanical offers daily, weekly and monthly comprehensive training sessions to share lessons learned and keep employees informed of best practices.

Ongoing Training

The success of our safety and health program is realized through our education and training programs that keep up with industry trends and best practices

Due Diligence

We consider every angle, leaving nothing to chance. We plan ahead to ensure a safe work environment, and we don't take shortcuts

Recognize Success

From national awards to internal kudos, we recognize our teammates for their contribution to a safe workplace.

By the Numbers

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Our Work

Safety is the foundation of our success on projects. From commercial projects to large industry to advanced technology, we lead the industry in safety, quality, and performance.