Experts in fabrication

When you need a complex, complete piping solution you can trust, turn to Harder. We specialize in single-source solutions for piping systems, fabricated off-site in one of our five pipe fabrication shops. From large bore underground piping to high purity tubing, our shops will get the job done right.

Making Skid and Modular Construction Easy

Off-site fabrication and modularization is not a fleeting trend–it is a vital element of our success. All of our shops are:

  • UA label full-service pipe fabrication facilities
  • Governed by ISO 9001 Quality Controls Programs (our Oregon fab shop is ISO 9001:2015 Certified)
  • Supported by Harder’s internal BIM team with their latest technologies and programs
  • Managed and status updated in real time with bar code tracking in Harder’s PRIME Fabrication Management Program
  • Dedicated to Lean thinking and the flow of information and material that optimizes our performance on every project


Harder operates more than 250,000 SF of fabrication facilities across four states

Investing in Fabrication

As one of the largest piping contractors in the United States, we specialize in fabrication and installation of piping for your industry. You name it, we build the complex piping systems to convey it, including steam, gas, chemicals, fuel, water, and waste.

We continuously invest in advanced training for our talented craftspeople and support their skills with the latest fabrication technology.

Nationally Recognized

Harder is nationally recognized for pipe fabrication and custom building process skids and modularized components for all major industries. 

Off-Site Expertise

We are experts in the art of off-site pre-fabrication. Our veteran teams of fabricators bring a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to these types of projects. 

Strategically Located

With five Harder owned industrial pipe fabrication facilities, and four high purity production cleanrooms, we are strategically located to support your next custom fab project.

By the Numbers



More than 14,000 SF of cleanroom fabrication space



Fab shops are conveniently located across 4 states


Quality Fabrication

Fabrication and quality go hand in hand. Our fabrication teams work closely with our quality control professionals to ensure each project is fabricated to the highest quality standard.