Life at Harder

We believe in continuous improvement, in working safely, and in an open flow of ideas. Some may call it company culture. We call it The Harder Way.

Our Values

At Harder Mechanical, we believe there’s a smarter, better, safer way. It’s our job to find it. Since 1934, we’ve built an unrivaled reputation by always rising to the next challenge. By solving the most complex problems with the most inventive solutions. By doing extraordinary work, getting it done right the first time, hiring the most talented experts and making sure they come home safely every day. At Harder, we believe there’s always space for new ideas but never room for error. So we work as a team and support one another like family. For five generations, that integrity has earned us the trust to handle the toughest projects – for top companies, across industries and around the world. It’s why, when a job calls for the best, we’re the first call.
Smarter. Better. Safer. That’s Harder.

Inventive Solutions

Harder Mechanical is built on the belief that there’s always a better way. A smarter way. A safer way. And it’s our job to find it. Since our founding in 1934, it’s never been enough to go with the status quo. We draw on our historic knowledge and our innovative ideas to solve complex problems and improve every step of the process. The best solutions come from experts working together to rise to the challenge. They come from Harder.

Optimal Safety

Through five generations, the Harder family has protected our workers as they would their own family. We look out for one another and make sure every single person gets home safely at the end of the day. Without that, nothing else matters. That’s why we have one of the best safety records in the industry. And why it’s is our top priority on every site, from our offices to our most complicated projects. That’s what makes Harder safer.

Supportive Team

Harder has thrived through 90 years of growth and change by always adapting to what’s next. As we grew from local plumbers to large mechanical contractors, we have maintained our private, family ownership and our family feel. We’re big enough to win the most exciting projects and small enough to know everybody. It’s an unbeatable combination. And at Harder, we’re all on the same winning team.

Trusted Integrity

At Harder, we believe in investing in quality that lasts. And doing it right the first time. Our standards are second to none, and so is our reputation. We build trust by earning it every day on every project. When we put the Harder name on a project, it means we stand behind it – now and in the future. It’s our seal of quality. Because Harder always makes it better.

Unrivaled Reputation

Top companies call Harder first for their toughest construction projects. We have the expertise, experience and resources to build and install the most complex mechanical systems in the most efficient way possible. And we deliver one-of-a-kind solutions to extraordinary challenges across industries and around the world. It’s always easier when you hire Harder.

Life at

This is more than your typical 9-5 job – this is the beginning of a lifelong career. See what our team members have to say about life at Harder Mechanical.

Come Work With Us

If you like a challenge, can master the details, and have a passion for innovation, you'll like working at Harder.

Early Career Opportunities

If you’re a recent graduate or looking to make a career change, Harder is here for you. Our Field Engineer role is ideal for anyone looking for their first job in construction management, with plenty of mentorship, training, and growth opportunities.

Best in Class Benefits

Working at Harder, you have the opportunity to build great projects while also getting great benefits. We care about your health and safety, professional development, and financial future.

Comprehensive Health Insurance

We offer medical, dental, and vision insurance for all employees and their families. With low annual deductibles and your choice of providers, our insurance takes care of you and your family.

Career Development

Our experienced leaders are great mentors at Harder, you can learn from the best and then pass on that expertise down the road as you continue to grow within the company.

Unbeatable 401k Plan

We want you to have a great retirement one day–by prioritizing 401k contributions, we set employees up for financial success in the future.

Great Compensation

With competitive base pay, bonuses, and other incentives, our employees are well-compensated for the effort and expertise they bring to the team.

Innovative Tools

Whether it's laser scanning, 3D modeling, real-time reporting & analytics, or cutting edge equipment, we equip our employees with the best tools to get the job done.

Safety Training

Safety is a core value at Harder, and we make sure everyone has the knowledge they need to work safely. Between OSHA programs and internal training, our employees are the safest in the industry.

Open Doors

We invest a lot in our people, and we refuse to bury their creativity, innovation, and dedication under a mountain of corporate hierarchy. Our company leadership has an open door approach because when everyone has a voice, we all become stakeholders in the pursuit of success.

Travel Opportunities

If you like the idea of exploring new parts of the country, come join us. We have projects across the Western U.S. and employees have the opportunity to work on great projects outside their home office.

Learn More About Harder

We work on some of the most exciting, innovative, and challenging projects within all major industries. See more about our work and find out how you can join our team to make an impact on future projects.