South Building GaN Complex

The Owner brought Harder onboard to expand the fab’s general exhaust system so it could support a new tool set and to consolidate several smaller standalone general exhaust systems into one.

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This project involved adding three new 35,000-cfm fans to the roof and extending the existing 92-inch header to accommodate them. The crew extended the new header along the roof line, tying into exhaust ducts from the existing fans, and bringing a new 36-inch duct into the building. The modularization of the rooftop structural steel and sheet metal made the project safer, more productive, and cost-effective. During the planning phase, the project team determined that overhead crane work would interfere with the Owner’s product shipments. The best solution was a swing shift for the crew and crane work. Even with the added cost of swing shift work, the modular approach to the rooftop structural steel and sheet metal allowed the project to still be completed within budget and on time, even while contending with severe weather that delayed lifting activities.

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