RA4 Office and Manufacturing Building

This design-build BIM project included over 160,000 LF of piping, all process and wet HVAC, multiple cooling tower installations, and any associated equipment.

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Leading the Way in Lean Construction

RA4 is a seven-story, 950,000 SF office and manufacturing building for the world’s leading manufacturer of microchips. Harder’s scope for this design-build BIM project included all process and wet HVAC mechanical work. Harder fabricated and installed 36” CWP, 24” HWP, 12” OFA, and 10” AWN and HFW, totaling over 160,000 LF of piping.

The corridor carts designed by Harder were an excellent example of off-site pre-fabrication. Pre-fabricated pipe was loaded in sequence of installation on wheeled carts designed to be lifted so nothing hit the ground. With conditions being extremely congested and zero lay-down area available, we had to optimize all opportunities to move pre-fabrication work off-site for consolidated deliveries.

The spirit of cooperation and collaboration was a major reason why this successful project was highlighted at the annual Lean Congress in San Francisco, CA.


linear feet of piping Harder installed in this building

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