PGE Port Westward

At PGE Port Westward, Harder self-performed everything from the concrete pour to process piping.

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Peak Performance at PGE

When Portland General Electric (PGE) needed help with its Port Westward Unit 2 project in Clatskanie, Oregon, the company chose Harder Mechanical. Harder was well positioned to install the 12 Wärtsilä 50SG reciprocating engines, running on natural gas, each with an output of 18 MW (the Wärtsilä 50SG is the largest gas engine in the world). Harder was also able to self-perform construction of the supporting infrastructure.

With the support of a joint venture established just for this project, our team helped manage every aspect of the installation, from initial earthwork, concrete, and steel erection to mechanical installation and commissioning with specialized welding necessary for all required systems. The project was completed safely, on budget and ahead of schedule, and delivering quality and performance the Harder Way.

Safety is at the heart of quality and performance. Harder’s customers trust us to manage safe, successful power generation projects.

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