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Innovation creates a competitive advantage in commercial construction.

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Building Information Modeling and Lean Practice Aid In Commercial Construction

General commercial construction has become highly commoditized. In a competitive market, Harder Mechanical has leveraged its ability to bring highly technical processes from other industries, creating a strategic advantage. Being experts at 3D modeling, prefabrication, modularization, and just-in-time delivery for the more technical industries, Harder has developed a competitive advantage in this marketplace.

Utilizing the BIM process, we are able to confidently prefabricate and modularize 90% of the piping systems at our off-site facility. This is a direct benefit for owners and general contractors by reducing the cost of work, site headcount, site laydown space requirements and project duration. Additionally, for systems that require 3rd party or city inspection, the modules are pre-tested and inspected prior to installation, giving the site team the confidence to proceed with successor installations without a hold point.

Keeping the lean construction principles at the forefront, the prefabrication work is completed just in time for delivery to the site. This removes waste in the form of excess inventory, prefabrication errors, excess handling, storage, and transportation. Harder Mechanical is constantly looking to improve these processes and eliminate waste, even in this non-technical competitive environment.

At the Marina Heights project, we implemented these techniques on all of the standard plumbing (water supply, drains, waste, and vents) as well as the technical specifically designed syphonic drain and booster water pump systems.

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